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Why risk a fire!  Third alert in 2 years

Nov 2016

This morning ABC news reported that 3.4 million Midea dehumifiers have been recalled. Dehumidifiers with the following brand names: Airworks, Alen, Arctic King, Arcticaire, Beaumark, Comfort Star, ComfortAire, Continental Electric, Coolworks, Crosley, Daewoo, Danby, Danby Designer, Dayton, Degree, Diplomat, Edgestar, Excell, Fellini, Forest Air, Frigidaire, GE, Grunaire, Hanover, Homestyles, Honeywell, Hyundai, Ideal Air, Kenmore, Keystone, Kul, Midea, Nantucket, Ocean Breeze, Pelonis, Perfect Aire, Perfect Home, Polar Wind, Premiere, Professional Series, Royal Sovereign, Simplicity, SPT, Sunbeam, Sylvania, TGM, Touch Point, Trutemp, Uberhaus, Westpointe, Winix, and Winixl.  Total property damage to date is estimated at $4.8 million.

See July news letter for more details

The making of a perfect crime
Oct 2016
A few weeks ago, I was called to do an air quality test of a home.  This was a house in which the wife was obsessed with cleanliness.  It was no surprise that the results showed a high concentration of cleaning products in the air.  This got me to thinking that this could be the making of  a perfect crime. 

Here's my story:
Joan, a retired environmental engineer, lived with her husband of nearly 40years.  Jack has been living mostly in bed these last few years.  His days are spent watching tv and having coughing spells.  He found breathing to be laborious.

Joan is frequently busy cleaning the house.  Some may say that she cleans the house everyday, meticulously.  The windows which are always closed because Jack is easily chilled, are crystal clean.  Of course, no air conditioning is allowed for the same reason.

Neighbors will tell you that Joan is an active woman in her 70's.  She frequents the senior clubs Zumba, cardio drumming, and dance classes bring her much joy and comradery. The moment she is done cleaning she is gone while Jack is alone watching tv and coughing.

Doctors have prescribed breathing treatments and classes with only temporary results.  It is the one thing that gets him out of the house.  Until the ambulance come one night.

What caused Jack's death?  Why did he have those coughing spells and shortness of breathe for so many years?

Could this be the result of  a housewife/caregiver who was tired of Jack's regime?
No one was called to investigate. 

Joan knew that many of the cleaning products have chemicals (see list below) that when frequently used will be found lingering in the air.  An enclosed space will result in a high concentration of  chemicals when breathed into the lungs can cause damage over a long period of time.  She had become obsessive in cleaning and yet resentful of Jack. 
The day of Jack's funeral meant the windows were finally open.

What's in the air you are breathing?  Will you become a victim of a "perfect" crime?

EZ Breathe constantly removes "bad" air so that you can breathe cleaner air.

EZ Breathe the breath of life.

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*Cleveland clinic list

House Hunting: what smells?

The wife and I have been looking  at homes lately as we want to be closer to our daughter.  Its a frustrating job to say the least.  While the wife has her criteria, I am looking or I should say smelling the air.

First thing I notice is the humidity which makes it uncomfortable as I walk through the house. Yet, in every house there was a dehumidifier that was not on.

Looking up at the basement ceiling only to find cobwebs.  This is a sign of poor air circulation. In some houses, I saw mold.

Inspection of furnaces will reveal any attached air cleaners.  I placed my hand on the furnace to see if its on and  alas it is not.

Most people are sensitive to tobacco smoke and the smell of a bbq grill.  Even 1 cat or dog will leave an odor...eww.

Smells like summer everywhere even in the house.

At the very least open the windows!  Turn on the dehumidifier, air cleaner and fans.

Want a better solution?  Install an EZ Breathe ventilation unit: removes odors, humidity, and circulates air.  Costs less to operate than a dehumidifier or air cleaner. So you could leave it on all the time.
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Go west young man..
August 2016
I've just returned from a trip West along Interstate 80.  I'd highly recommend it as a great way to see the vast beauty of this country. 

We had the pleasure of visiting Yellowstone National Park.   If, you are planning on staying in the park, you'd  better make reservations 16 to 18 months in advance....no kidding!  Staying at the Grant Village Lodge was a lesson in basic accommodations as in no tv or internet.

Yellowstone is a huge failed volcano.  Yes, failed.  Instead of erupting, it flopped and became pocked marked with geysers.  Like a lot of other travelers, we saw Old Faithful erupt.  Following our guide through the park, we noticed the sulphuric odor of the geysers.  Exposure to this over a long period could mean damaged lungs.

Salt Lake City, our next stop, is a beautiful vibrant city at the base of  the Wasatch Mountains.  We were lucky, as it was not an air inversion day.  A phenomena in which the mountain air traps dirt as it flows into the city making it hard to see .

Lake Tahoe is south of Reno.  Mark Twain wrote about it in his book called "Roughing It" circa 1860.  In it he writes of a clear pristine lake and brilliant starry nights camping.  He stayed there as a reporter and later an editor for the local newspaper.  His book details the untouched beauty of the area. 

San Francisco is our next stop.  Aside from the traffic, the first thing I noticed was the drop in outdoor temperature from the 90's to the 60's as I drove into the area.  Later, I had a chance to look at a topographic map of California.  The state is protected by mountains on the west and impaled by the ocean on the east.  Thus, trapping the cool moist air.  Even homes on the mountains have problems with high humidity.

EZ Breathe removes odors, dirt, and humidity from the air 24/7.  Doesn't YOUR home deserve fresh air?  Call or text today: 248-533-5466   http://www.eabair.com/
$1.8 million in fines
July 2016
Dehumidifier Recalls
LG to pay $1.8 million for failing to report dehumidifier defects
The appliance maker was charged with failure to report a defect
07/24/2015 | ConsumerAffairs

LG Electronics will pay a maximum $1,825,000 civil penalty, settling charges by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff charges that the firm knowingly failed to report to CPSC a defect and an unreasonable risk of serious injury with several models of dehumidifiers.
 Fires caused by the defective dehumidifiers resulted in millions of dollars of property damage.
 Defective dehumidifiers
 Due to a defective fan, the dehumidifiers overheated, smoked, melted or caught fire, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers. Federal law required LG to report to CPSC immediately about a consumer product containing a defect that could create a substantial product hazard or presenting a risk of serious injury or death.
 Starting in 2003, LG received dozens of reports of the dehumidifiers catching fire and causing extensive property damage to consumers’ homes. By the time the dehumidifiers were recalled in 2012, LG was aware of 107 reports of incidents, with more than $7 million in property damage and three reports of smoke inhalation.
 LG manufactured and imported about 795,000 of the defective dehumidifiers under the Kenmore brand name. The dehumidifiers were recalled in 2012 and the recall was reannounced in July 2013.

EZ Breathe is SAFE, never a recall!
Effectively controls humidity 24/7.

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for more info on past recalls click


What a difference!  Fresh air makes!
June 2016

600% Increase in Childhood Asthma

Not too long ago my metro newspaper had a headline that read:" Childhood Asthma is on the Increase."  Article stated that inner city children were especially vulnerable.  Nationwide up to 6 million children have asthma.  That's a 600% increase from asthma levels of  the 1980's.

One reason is that around the 1980's the country was in an energy crisis.  We began to tighten up our homes and schools.  Yes, we saved money  and energy on heating and cooling.  In the process, we also locked in chemicals that we use in daily living.  Chemicals that cause breathing difficulties in everyone....even children 

Want more proof?   I  recently Googled  hazardous household products and got 472,000 Utube links/stories. Go ahead click on the link below.  You will see stories of how children are rushed to the hospital near death because of exposure to common household chemicals.  Remove the chemicals and the child is fine.

Ok, I realize that most of us can't live with out our favorite fragrance,  air freshener, floor cleaner, even vacuum cleaner.  Solution: ventilate  You can leave the air conditioner on in the summer and even heat in the winter and still ventilate with EZ Breathe.

Breathe cleaner and fresher air with EZ Breathe!

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https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl - q=hazardous+household+product+utube

Next month: the road to San Francisco edit the text within this text box.
The air pregnant mothers breathe
May 2016

Are you smarter than a 6th grader?
Remember, the popular TV show? 

Most of us feel that we are smarter.  Could we be more intelligent than we are? 

It turns out that researchers have been wondering about this.  They conducted studies in New York and in Europe to find out if the air we breathe could be affecting our intelligence.

Researchers for the first time have linked air pollution exposure before birth with lower IQ scores in childhood. The results in a study of 249 children of New York City women who wore backpack air monitors for 48 hours during the last few months of pregnancy. They lived in mostly low-income neighborhoods in northern Manhattan and the South Bronx. They had varying levels of exposure to typical kinds of urban air pollution, mostly from car, bus and truck exhaust.

At age 5, before starting school, the children were given IQ tests. Those exposed to the most pollution before birth scored on average four to eight points lower than children with less exposure. Even a modest decrease in IQ can impact lifetime earnings, warns the report published in the medical journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology.

Scientists know that many chemicals including PAHs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, can cross the placenta, but they don’t understand how they may interfere with a fetus’ developing brain.  Research has shown how prenatal exposure to PAH is tied to a host of childhood ills, including developmental delays, reduced verbal skills and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Also, PAHs may affect the fetus’ DNA directly. When a mother breathes in PAHs, those chemicals are changed into byproducts in the bloodstream that can cross the placental boundary and bind directly to a fetus’ DNA.

Since we spend at least a third of our lives inside, indoor air quality is important.  EPA says the air in our homes is up to 5 times MORE polluted than the outside air.  The air we breathe affects the IQ and earning power of our children.

Solution: EZ Breathe. 
EZ Breathe removes contaminated air from the home and brings in fresher air. 
Wouldn't you want your child to be smarter?

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What ARE you breathing?
April 2016

Its in the Air!
            Ask any 10 year boy what Krypton is?  The latest Superman vs Batman movie uses Krypton to rid the world of a monster.  Of course, it also....well I'd better not reveal the ending.
            But wait! Krypton is in the air we breathe.  Yes, its only a trace.  A very small part of the air we breathe...1/10,000 of the air in fact.  Its only one of many gases that we breathe everyday.
            Most of the air is nitrogen (78%).  The stuff that helps plants  to grow.  Only 20% of the air is oxygen.  Just enough to keep us alive.  Too much or too little will cause a "light" headed feeling.  Its the feeling you get when you  go to Denver, the mile high city.  Strenuous activity, there, can be more difficult because of the "thin" air. Athletes often come a day or 2 early before a game to adjust to the air.
            Carbon Dioxide, the "evil" gas that some fear will destroy the earth is only .3% of the air.  Yet, it is needed for plant life as well.
            Eleven other gases along with water vapor and dirt make up what we breathe every second of every day of our lives. 
            Got copd? Then you really know what it is like to get a breath of air. This and other lung diseases can make breathing a daily life or death struggle.  R. May of New Jersey, writes: "Since the EZ Breathe has been in operation, I have not experienced even one severe asthma attack and the cough has dissapeared."  Judy l of Kentucky says she has stopped using her allergy meds since EZ Breathe was installed.
            EZ Breathe has been helping people world wide breathe cleaner, fresher air for over a decade.
            What ARE you breathing?
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Got air?
March 2016
Canadian company sells air to china.
Inventory sold out in days!
Sales are booming!
A Canadian company, Vitality Air, selling air bottled in a ski resort says it's now seeing huge demand from Chinese customers. The first batch of 500 canisters filled with fresh air from the Rocky Mountain town of Banff went on sale in China last month and sold out within two weeks. 
"Now we're taking lots of pre orders for our upcoming shipment. We're getting close to the 1,000 mark," said Harrison Wang, director of China operations. He further added that more boxes with 4,000 bottles are being shipped; however, most of these have already been sold
Northern China is often cloaked in smog, especially during the cold winter months when homes and power plants burn coal to keep warm. Last week, Beijing issued its first ever red alert because of poor air quality, closing schools and restricting traffic.
 Vitality Air co-founder Moses Lam says he came up with the business idea last year after listing a bag of ziplocked air on eBay, which sold for 99 cents. We wanted to do something fun and disruptive so we decided to see if we could sell air.
Lam, who is based in the city of Edmonton, says he makes the four-hour journey to Banff once every couple of weeks and spends 10 hours bottling the air.  In North America, we take our fresh air for granted but in China the situation is very different.
Wallace Leung, a professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, told CNN that buying bottles of air was not a practical solution to China's air pollution.  "We need to filter out the particles, the invisible killers, from the air," said Leung.
This is hardly the first time some wily opportunist has sought to cash in on China's  pollution. Well-known Chinese multimillionaire Chen Guangbiao claimed in 2013 that he had sold 10 million cans of clean air trapped in the relatively pristine region of Xinjiang, in China's far west, for less than $1 a pop.
The bottles containing 7.7 liters of fresh air from the Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains are sold on shelves for 100 yuan ($20). Most of their clients are residents of cosmopolitan cities most affected by the air pollution, particularly the northeastern and southern parts
Well-off Chinese women are the company's top consumers. Harrison Wang, the representative in China, claimed the upper class buys for their families, and some are given away as presents. "In China fresh air is a luxury, something so precious," Wang said.
 A study published in August found that the air in Beijing is so polluted that breathing it does as much damage to the lungs as smoking 40 cigarettes a day, and 4,000 people are dying every day from smog.
The company also said it has buyers in India; the air pollution in New Delhi was recently estimated as being one-and-a-half times worse than Beijing.
Here in the U.S. the situation is the reverse, the air IN our homes are more polluted than the air OUT of our homes.  Childhood asthma is 600% times that of 50 years ago.  Deaths due to radon claims 1000's of lives a year.
Solution: EZ Breathe ventilation removes contaminated air several times a day.
What would you pay for clean air?
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Dusty Trail....Really??
February 2016
Star Wars would have you believe that the greatest challenges to space travel is asteroids, lack of resources like water or fuel, or even the threat of unfriendly, intelligent alien life. But in reality, scientists are finding that the biggest obstacle to today's space travel is dust. Yes, space dust.
While our human bodies have natural defenses (like nose hairs) against dust, some dust particles are small enough to bypass our own "deflector shield" if you will... and settle in lung tissues and airways, causing injury to our lungs. This is similar to the health hazards of particle pollution or even how coal dust can harm the lungs of coal miners.
In zero gravity, dust doesn't just settle to the ground, away from our noses and mouths as it would on Earth, but floats freely, easily getting into lungs and eyes.
As Neil Armstrong discovered, this dust is also a key feature of our very own moon and most likely other planets. As they found, beyond the zero gravity effect, planetary dust sticks to astronauts through static electricity has sharp edges, and follows them back into their spacecraft, making it more likely that the dust will enter their lungs and cause harm. Neil and his team even said they could smell and even taste this moon dust!
Beyond damaging the lung health of astronauts, space dust also wreaks havoc on equipment and ventilation systems, which are also necessary for survival in space.
In March of 2015, NASA conducted an ISS airlock experiment to test how space dust affects the lungs, hoping to identify how lungs perform in space.
Tests like these will be extremely important to the future of space travel and colonization. There are plans for a human settlement on Mars in the year 2020, but as you may know, the red hue of Mars is due to the fact that the planet is covered with red dust. Accordingto NASA, this planetary dust is sometimes blown into dust storms, ranging from tiny dust storms that can look like tornadoes to larger ones that can cover the entire planet. Dust may challenge the ability to establish this permanent settlement, and special attention to lung health both on Mars and in space will be key to survival.
Anyone who lives where dust levels are high is at risk. Some people face higher risk, however. People at the greatest risk from dust exposure include:
Infants, children and teens;
People over 65 years of age.;
People with lung disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema;
People with heart disease or diabetes;
Looking at air quality in 545 counties in the U.S. between 2000 and 2007, researchers found that people had approximately four months added to their life expectancy on average due to cleaner air. Women and people who lived in urban and densely populated counties benefited the most. Another long-term study of six U.S. cities tracked from 1974 to 2009 added more evidence of the benefits. Their findings suggest that cleaning up particle pollution had almost immediate health benefits. They estimated that the U.S. could prevent approximately 34,000 premature deaths a year.

We at EZB Air have the solution, at least here on Earth, for dust in the home, EZ Breathe.
EZ Breathe removes dusty air from the home several times a day!  Live healthy!  Install EZ Breathe.  Call 248-437-4844 today

Bleeding red!
January 2016
Take a look at the map of the US.  Much of the country is red.  That is the area of highly concentrated radon, a colorless and odorless deadly gas  Millions of people live in this area.  Each year 25,000 die as a result of radon gas in their homes/or work place.  This makes it the #3 killer of Americans.

I live in one of those areas that is blood red.  Recently, I purchased the latest digital radon monitor to test my home.  I was shocked at how high the reading was. I checked all of the rooms and the only "safe" room was the living room!  Safe meaning a reading of less than 4 Pltr.  I learned that radon is more active in the cold and darker months. Normally, in cold weather months my EZ Breathe is seldom running as the air is dry.  I quickly changed the setting to run 24/7 at full speed.

I retested all of the rooms.  Results yielded up to 70% reduction in the amount of radon in my home.  Great news!  American Lung Association says that proper ventilation will save lives.

You too can cheat death by radon gas by installing EZ Breathe.  It only takes an hour and it could help you cheat death.

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