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"Indoor air doesn't circulate as much, so pollutants can really add up.  Experts say our exposure to indoor pollution is on the rise.  Why? Because 80-90 percent of our day is spent indoors and our homes are often airtight." Silver Slate newsletter
Glenn Haege of the Handyman show, says "improving air circulation and air quality will lessen any odor problem" (January 18, 2013 Detroit News)
If you could only see the air you breathe!
The E-Z Breathe® Ventilation System is the ultimate dehumidifier and air purifier. It can dramatically reduce the moisture levels in your home and combat destructive dampness. The E-Z Breathe® provides ventilation that is essential to improving the air quality of your home or office.
In addition, E-Z Breathe® is maintenance free and easy to operate with no filters to change or buckets to empty. And it costs half as much to own as other systems on the market - just $3-4 a month to operate.
Benefits of the E-Z Breathe®:
    Effective - one unit with large capacity does the work of 7 dehumidifiers. Up to a 7000sq ft home.
    Versatile - can be used in full basements, slabs or crawl spaces.
    Powerful - protects against excess moisture, mold, toxins and allergies and supports the EPA guidelines for ventilated systems as a way to reduce indoor air pollution.
    Easy - quiet and unobtrusive apparatus fits easily into any room in the house. Requires no maintenance.
    Efficient - humidistat controlled
The E-Z BREATHE VENTILATION SYSTEM is easily installed and is the ultimate dehumidifier and air purifier at half the cost of ownership of other systems.
It can make a dramatic difference in the moisture levels in your home while combating destructive dampness.
Since water is heavier than air, moisture in the home is in the lowest level, the basement or crawl space. E-Z BREATHE draws stale, humid air down and out of the home at that level and vents it to the outside. It then replaces that moist air with fresh, dry air resulting in a complete home air exchange 7-10 times a day.
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